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Welcome to Taiwan Bible Society In Taiwan

Since the founding of the Taiwan Bible Society, it has been devoted to the translation of local Bibles, in addition to the distribution of the Bible and the provision of church needs.
At present, in addition to the translation work of the Old Testament of the modern Taiwanese language, the related translations and revisions of the Bunun, Paiwan, Sidek, Ami, Thail, and Pouyang Bibles are being carried out.
The Taiwan Bible Society not only engages in the ministry of translation and distribution of the Bible, but also cares about how to make the Word of God transform people's minds and rebuild their hearts. It also helps the believers to read the Bible. In recent years, it has begun a new punctuation and study of the Holy Bible to compile this series of plans.
It is hoped to provide information on the history, culture, and culture of the Biblical books in terms of streamlined space and color pictures, and to illustrate the development of literary arrangements and ideas in order to help today's readers to better understand the Bible's message.